Thursday, September 17, 2009

Personal Progress

Robby's so cute when he goes to work at 4:30am
then comes home and does the dishes.

Those are the same picture frames spray painted black.

She's almost ready.

The Kitchen Sink

Isn't it glorious?

I'm having a good day.


Emily Ruth said...

Glorious it is. I swear, it all starts with that dang kitchen sink. When mine gets grimy, it spreads like a cancer to my entire house unless I do surgery. If it's clean, that also spreads.
I miss you too, and hoped you would chime in on my Anti-Twilighting. We might visit next week! Is there a day we could hang with you?

Tina said...

I trained him well, eh?!! xox

stephanie said...

wait, why is he going to work so early? your clean sink/counters look nice. i'm glad you are having a good day. let's get together soon. maybe for lunch?

Tatyana said...

Love the frames. Do you like this look better?