Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Bag

I've been reading a lot lately. Here is a quick synopsis. . .

Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus of Current English: My new very best friend. She goes everywhere with me. I highly suggest keeping a personal copy of any dictionary with you at all times. It has come in handy in so many random situations; basic literature references, and scriptural references. I'm not gonna lie, I got the idea of a personal dictionary/thesaurus from Sylvia Plath. The Bell Jar is in my top 5.

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King: This is a collection of short stories by Mr. King. Short stories fulfil all my literary needs. My favorite story in this book is called "Word Processor of the Gods." The best line from the story: "I'm not going to murder him. I'm going to . . . to DELETE him." Read it.

Alive by Piers Paul Read: This is the story of the rugby team from Uruguay whose plane crashed in the Andes. It's all about their survival and shows the differences between those who are ready to give up and those who are unwilling to die. It's amazingly inspirational and I have to say it brought me to a pivotal point in my own life at the time I read it. Don't see the movie; read the book.

The Shining by Stephen King: Joey Tribbiani says it best: "The question is, Rach, what is NOT so great about 'The Shining?' And the answer is NOTHING." I could do without 99% of the swear words. But the book shows such real human emotion and addresses every question I could ever have regarding the characters and the aftermath of their traumatic event. That's what I love about Mr. King. He shows the real human issues in absolutely false circumstances and does it brilliantly and believably. Again, don't see the movie; read the book.

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath: She is a brilliant writer, it goes without saying. But I feel like it needs to be said that she is brilliant not because she committed suicide, but because of what she actually, physically wrote. I don't respect her for killing herself. I respect her for her work and am angry thinking about all the books she could have written during the course of her life. Ariel, a book of her poems, is so eloquent, I can only imagine what she might have done. The journals do not satisfy my craving.

The Doctor's Wife by Elizabeth Brundage: Do not read this book. Just don't do it. It's not worth the time you will waste on it.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky: I loved this book from the beginning. But by Part Three, I was dozing off and now I'm halfway through and cannot for the life of me find motivation to finish it. Could someone tell me what happens from the time Raskolnikov comes out of his coma and starts actually talking to Razumihin? I need to know the plot before I read it otherwise I won't get through it. It's just one of those types of books.

What are you reading?


stephanie said...

oh man we have such completely opposite book tastes.

are you feeling better?

Sadie said...

I love book lists. I'm always interested in what other people are reading. Thanks for the reviews.
I'm reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. A great classic story that is worth the time it takes to get through it.
The LOst Symbol by Dan Brown... for some reason I"m having a hard time getting into the book.
And Into the Land of Unicorns that was an impulsive buy at Barnes & Noble soley based on the awesome artwork of the cover. It's a poorly written young adult novel that I can't bring myself to just give up on. FYI: Anything having to do with unicorns, I love. Yes, I know i'm juvenile.