Thursday, October 8, 2009

Field Trip to the Farm

I had an entertaining time at the farm with Gracie's class this morning. She learned about what happens when you mess with the Rooster. She got pecked three times and scratched quite a bit. It was a little traumatic but she certainly learned her lesson. She's not naturally cautious, so she runs up to the birds and tries to grab them by the throat. You can imagine how a Rooster might feel about this. The good news was that she effectively learned this lesson and so did a couple kids around watching her.

We also actually saw a baby calf being born. Hooves comin out of the mother and everything. Gracie must not have seen the whole thing because she hasn't said anything to me about it. I learned that the girl who likes Gracie the most and will do anything for her approval is named Olivia. Poor Olivia got a bloody elbow from chasing Gracie, who was only partly paying attention, through the hay maze (which in and of itself was a natural wonder).

So we had the experience and I can safely say it was a success. Gracie is in tact and so are all the animals on the farm. They also had good ice cream and milk and today we are testing Gracie's lactose intolerance. I figured today would be the best day since they overloaded her on the dairy, and I don't have anything to do the rest of the day but watch for her reaction. Should be fun.

Hooray for great teachers and helpers who love kids so much that were willing to do that with preschoolers that already have behavioral problems. They make life worth living for the rest of us.


Tina said...

Cute! Good that she learns early you don't mess with them roosters!! :>)

Natalie said...

Is the preschool she's in specifically for children who have behavioral problems? I didn't think they could determine behavior issues until they were at least 5 or 6?

melmck said...

her preschool is specifically for kids who are behind where they should be at their age, so that causes behavioral issues. a lot of the kids are like gracie where their speech isn't good and they get frustrated. this preschool is just a first step to see if they can get them lined up where they are supposed to be before kindergarten.

but yeah, they can't diagnose behavioral problems until the kids are much older.