Sunday, October 25, 2009

Piano Music and a Compact Disc

Tomorrow, I'm going to play the piano for the 107 year old woman in my ward, Florence. I have visited with her before, but I was inspired by my Gramma Smith to play the piano for Florence, as my Gramma once played for an older woman as part of her visit.

So yesterday I went to Milano's on Main Street. First, I went kitty-corner to the actual music store to the shop where they sell their pianos. I got some righteous info for a piano tuner that only costs $85. Naturally, in the words of Robby, I said "ho-right on." (You really have to hear him say it to appreciate it.)

Anyway, I started talking with the guy who ran this piano shop as he had some posters of Jimmy Eat World up behind his desk. My curiosity got the better of me, considering this man's age exceeded 55, and I addressed his youthful posters (thinking he was trying to "fit in" with the kids these days).

Turns out, this guy (who I'm assuming has the surname Jones) is the father to the band member of Jimmy Eat World, Tom Jones. Who knew? Actually, Robby knew, just never shared his knowledge with me.

Mr. Jones asked if I'd ever heard of the band and I said, "YEAH!" Then, I proceeded to tell him how much I love Jimmy Eat World and how Robby grew up in Mesa and I continued to prattle on about all my favorite songs and my overall obsession with the band.

Out of nowhere (or maybe just to shut me up), Mr. Jones pulled out a copy of "Futures" by Jimmy Eat World and just gave it to me for free. Free! He's my eternal idol and if I ever get enough money to by a new upright piano, he is the man I'm going to see.


Lyndsay said...

Ho-right on!! :)

I LOVE that album. Lucky girl! What a cool experience for you, too.

Jenna said...

I never get tired of listening to that album. It reminds me of one of our road trips to Arizona. It makes me want to BE in Arizona. Luckyyyyy!

The McKinnon 4 said...

Did you know I actually dated Jimmy before I met Ryan?? Just went out a couple of times but one time was on V-Day. He was really sweet. His aunt lives in my parents ward. She set us up