Monday, October 5, 2009

Traditional Mountain Trip

We had a beautiful weekend at Gramma Tina and Granpa Steve's house in the mountains. The weather was perfect the entire time we were there so Gracie learned how to keep herself entertained all 8 hours of General Conference. She learned how to stay in the yard and out of the street and probably rode a total of 5 miles around the driveway. We even star-gazed and saw the little stars peekin and the Lady Moon.

It was hard for Gracie to leave when it came right down to it. By the end of the trip, she firmly preferred her Gramma and Granpa to her parents, which is the way it should be. Another great weekend to entice us to visit more often. Not to mention Gracie's pure love of all things outdoor and Grandparents. We are so ready to embrace cooler temps over here. Thanks, Mom & Dad Mck!


Tina said...

It was great fun, wasn't it?!! Yeah, gotta do it again... only you don't have to wait for conference weekends!!! :>)

Tina said...

Oh yeah, and by the way... that is a TERRIBLE picture of me!!! But then again, that's all you have to work with!!

=)Larissa said...

Mel, she looks like she is getting so big! She's going to be a stunning young lady! How are YOU!? What's like a normal email address I can email you at? LOVES