Monday, November 23, 2009


It's 8am and Gracie and I are sitting in the parking lot of Next Coffee Company using the Wi-Fi, across the street from Midwestern University where my brother in law, Brady (of Brady and Mary), is at an interview for the day.

We had the pleasure of driving him here, where we will hang out until he's done at 2:30 then zip him to the airport to get him back to his wife by tonight. I've quizzed him and questioned him and I feel confident that it will go swimmingly.

So if you need us, we will be checking out the sites in Glendale, AZ today.


Jillsywillsy said...

Mel!!! You are right by my house. My husband is sitting in on Dental interviews today. I got your number and I am calling you!!!

Ottesen said...

Brady and I were on the same flight to Utah. I didn't get to talk to him, since I was in the very back of the plane, but it was fun to see him from a distance.

Mary C. said...

Midwestern is where Brian went to med school and where Denzil is attending right now. I hope Brady gets in. That brings them a lot closer to San Diego!