Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Irish Apron

My parents went to Ireland this past summer and got me this beautiful apron.
I am doin the dishes in style today.


aj said...

wow. so so so darn cute!
I'm loving the polka dots.
wanna come & do my dishes?

Tina said...

That is really cute!

crazy lady said...

I had no idea. I am known as the apron teacher at school. I'll have to give you one of my gramma Hall aprons someday.

crazy lady said...

So Mel, I've been thinking about this cute apron for several days (yeah, I'm weird that way). Would you be willing to trace off a pattern? Not of the pleats and all but the top part. I think it is just smashing! If it's a too big a hassel I definitely understand.