Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Sensitive Neighbor

We have a wonderfully thoughtful neighbor who likes to throw his cigarette butts onto our grass. It's rather annoying, but it's like showering us with fresh flowers compared to what he is currently displaying proudly in front of his home.

Robby lost a sister to cancer about 4 years ago and I've also lost a few loved ones to the disease. I think we can all agree that it's nasty to encounter.

Our neighbor Jerry seems to have had a run in with cancer, as well. He's been proudly working on rebuilding an old truck and has it finished now and parked on the street. In a masterfully created graffiti design, he has painted across the hood: "F*** You, Cancer. (name, date of lost loved one)"

Isn't that thoughtful? The actual word is written out and everything. I am not exaggerating one bit of this. And the car is parked right on the street for all to examine as they pass. And the word seems to be spreading because I've never seen such a high influx of teenagers roam down our street.

I called our HOA to ask them what could be done about it but they said they had no control over something like that. They suggested I call the police and see what they could do about it. I'm afraid of what that situation may bring about as I think Jerry is going through a divorce.

Should I call the police and see what can be done? Gracie knows her letters and can read a few words already. If she happens to ask what it says, I think I might say "Stereotypical" in hopes that it will go over her head.


KatieJ said...

Ok that is so funny, but I would NOT be happy having that parked outside my house either! I don't know if I would call the police though, I'm not sure if they could really do anything about it anyways... hm, no advice, I guess I would say "good luck!" (I'm so helpful!)

'Garrett's mom' said...

I agree with the above, although its funny in one way, its very much NOT in another. Especially with Gracie learning her words. The last thing she needs is to be confused about this. Maybe try talking to Jerry about his truck and cigarette butts and if that doesn't work, then maybe call the police. Good luck!

Laura said...

Hello I just wanted to say hi since I hate when people stop by on my blog and don't say at thing. Sorry about your neighbor I would be mad too. There are a few cops in the ward that you can ask about what to do.

Tina said...

I would really hate having that word in my face all the time... I don't know the legality of the situation, but you can always call the police and ask.. they might say it's his right to freedom of expression or something, but on the other hand you should have some rights, too. Do you have any kind of relationship with him already? Maybe you could explain that while you can understand his feelings about cancer being a 'bad' word and all, that reading a real bad everyday is not so good either. Maybe he'd do something about it. I think I'd call the cops first, tho and see what they say. After you talk to him, if he then hears from the authorities, he might figure he knows who called it in!