Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playground Pals

This is Gracie's good friend, Charlotte. She lives down a ways from us but Gracie's closest living best friend. She belongs to Robin who is my closest living best friend.
Robin does awesome things like boot camp at 5am, raises 4 children under 7, and is crafty like you wouldn't believe. She inspires me to do more and be better.
Charlotte and Gracie are 3 weeks apart in age. We could not have timed that miracle more perfectly. Charlotte inspires Gracie to play with her peers, hang from the monkey bars, dress like a princess, and love baby dolls.
In this season of gratitude, Gracie and I are grateful for such close, wonderful friends. We couldn't ask for more out of such a great pair of beautiful girls.


Robin said...

I got goosebumps reading that. Thank you. We are so grateful for you as well!
Charlotte always tells me that she wants curly hair like Gracie! Cute.

Jim and Jami said...

they are sooooo cute!