Monday, December 7, 2009

Something's Missing

Today, Gus is what's missing from our family pictures. We have a perfect little family. I just wonder sometimes what it might be like to have our son alive with us. There is no doubt that I am grateful for the plan of salvation. My life would be so much harder without it.

My own ups and downs will always come and I know I just need to get through them. And I do so by sharing with you how I'm feeling. It helps to know that I can explain to you what's going on and you can, in your each individual way, understand what it is I'm going through.

My heart feels sad today. So that is what I'm dealing with now.

UPDATE: I forgot that am wearing Gus' Ring around my neck.


Angie said...

I can relate. When we were at Disneyland over Thanksgiving break I was sad because I felt that someone was missing. It made me think that Lyle would never go to Disneyland with our family and he won't be in our family pictures, etc. It is hard. Thank goodness for the eternal perspective. However, I still long for the mortal experience with Lyle. PS- What is the Gus ring necklace?

melmck said...

i got that small ring from the hospital Gus was born at after he died. i put it on a necklace and have worn it ever since.

i'm so sorry but so grateful you can relate to me. you are such a sweetheart.