Thursday, December 3, 2009


It was one bad decision after another on my part and one sneaky move after another on Gracie's.
It started out with a fecal situation like I've never dealt with before. It was up her back and dried to her skin. So I had to throw her in the bath and get her ready for school and had 20 minutes to do it.
This was not too stressful as she is not 100% poop in the potty trained yet so I'm still used to dealing with messy, smelly situations. However, it was probably the worst poop ordeal I've ever dealt with.
When Gracie left for school, I went back to bed for a couple hours to regroup. It was much needed.
As soon as Gracie got home, I'd noticed she was wearing different clothes than the ones I'd sent her to school in. A note in her backpack informed me she'd had an accident at school and there wasn't a change of clothes there for her. So she was sportin some lovely brown pants that were 3 sizes too big. I was instructed to wash the pants and return them and send a change of clothes in a ziploc bag.
So I got her lunch and went to take a shower. This is usually not a problem because she will just sit and watch her show and eat. But not yesterday. When I got out of the shower, I heard her crying and all I could think about was what a terrible mother I was for leaving her downstairs alone, even though I do it every day with nary an issue.
I ran down the stairs and beheld a frightening sight. Gracie had been squirting out the tube of orange finger paint all over the bathroom floor and decorating various objects in the room with it. Apparently, she'd slipped in the paint because she was saying, "It's so slippery!" I'm lucky she didn't get hurt any worse than falling on her butt and she stopped crying as soon as I got there. So I gave her bath #2 for the day and it was only 1pm.
I'd thrown away all the finger paint that I could find and it was just sitting in the trash. That was my next mistake. A few hours later, while I was mopping and wiping the bathroom floor, she'd gotten into the trash, found green finger paint, and put it all over the kitchen table and couple of her toys. She was promptly washed and sent to her room where she spent most of the day yesterday.
At this point, I'd hit my limit for strenuous activity and was teetering dangerously close to a migraine. But the festivities were not over yet. I took Gracie into the downstairs bathroom to try to poop. I left to get dinner going in the kitchen, a mere 7 feet away. I came back and somehow the little stinker had found purple finger paint that she herself had previously squirted into a little bowl that I'd somehow overlooked. This time the paint was all over a white dresser we have in the bathroom.
I'd pretty much had it at that point and didn't care how covered in paint she was, she was goin to her room. Robby got home right after that and took over and it was a good thing because I was done. I don't know exactly where I went wrong yesterday, but I think it was when I didn't thoroughly scour the house for all the finger paint she kept gaining access to.
The good news is my bathroom has never been cleaner and I've learned a valuable lesson about Gracie and what she is capable of. Any advice out there for me?


'Garrett's mom' said...

It sounds to me like you overall handled it really well! Except for not taking the trash out after putting it in the trash, I think you did well. I would have been yelling and screaming and CPS probably would have been called. Ok, not really - but it sounds like you overall held your cool and then let Robby take over at the perfect time. I think my only advice you be to have her help clean it up next time, so that she sees and understands why she can't do things like that. Maybe have her help clean it up, and then send her to her room for a time out. Your doing great Mel! Love you!

Tina said...


Lyndsay said...

Holy Moly! I take showers while Maya is in her exersaucer and Finn is watching a video. Luckily he hasn't tried to kill her. Hmmmm...

Hang in there! It sounds like just one of those days. And I have learned not to buy finger paint for Finn by reading this post!!