Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Kid Bike

Gracie and I went to the doctor this week and it was completely unbeknownst to me that she needed shots. We were both caught off guard, especially her as she does not remember the last time she was given a shot. She survived, though and after Robby got home from work he took her to the store and they picked out this big kid bike. She mostly rides it around the house but she loves it.

The doctor has referred us to an audiologist for her hearing. She heard all the beeps from the test but just at a higher level so we have to get a better idea of what she actually can and can't hear in a controlled environment. So we'll see how that goes.

This past week has been a blur of headaches and knee pain, hence my absence. I also lost a great aunt last week which has left me a little reflective. Hopefully things will get better soon.


grandmasmith said...

She's growing up! Hope you are feeling better.

Devin and Chelsey said...

Sorry for your loss Mel.

She is so sweet! Every new picture you post is just so cute, I love it! Glad she's hearing well, just not perfect. Everyone is life has there little quirks.