Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letting Mo Go

A wonderful couple came over to see Mo this morning and loved him. They paid the full amount and signed the proper contracts and will come to pick him up on March 1st. I feel pretty good about this. We have 3 good weeks of enjoying Mo then we will be able to get a new dog to love and take care of.

As far as what is going on over here, I am part of our ward Activities Committee and this friday we are doing some Broadway entertainment while everyone eats dinner. The part I've chosen to play is Meg from Phantom of the Opera and I will be singing Angel of Music with another girl in our ward playing Christine.

Fortunately for me, Meg wears a full on leotard, pink tights, a tutu and toe shoes. So I get to prance around on stage in my old dancing gear in a body that has had two children. Needless to say, I'm a little anxious about that part. But the show must go on and indeed it will and should be fabulous.


stephanie said...

you're going to be great, mel.

KatieJ said...

That sounds like fun- I'm sure you'll do great. And that is one cute dog!

grandmasmith said...

You'll look good in your ballet gear. Go for it!

Jim and Jami said...

I am sure you looked wonderful and everything turned out great.

Glad Mo found a loving home to go to, and you feel good about where he is going and his new family.

Congrats Mo on your new loving family!

hillary said...

I agree with Grams. I can't wait to hear more about this fantastic performance.