Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Paige to Hazel

Isn't our green backyard marvelous?
Robby is a brilliant landscaper.

Paige has been adopted to a wonderful family
who will call her Haley.

Now we have Hazel and she is an adorable little pup.
She has some medical issues we need to work through,
but otherwise she is the sweetest dog we've had yet.

Gracie has to give a talk in church tomorrow.
We are interested to see how that turns out.


Jim and Jami said...

so sweet!
Can Robby come to Texas and landscape our yard, it needs lots, and I mean lots of work! ;)

Lyndsay said...

Cute!! I love your tennies, too.

Tina said...

Can't wait to hear about her talk! Be sure to blog about it!

Cute dogs!

Thorpe said...

We missed Gracie in church and her talk.