Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Gracie's school was supposed to have a carnival today but cancelled it in lieu of some possible bad weather. Instead, she had a regular morning at preschool and spent the afternoon outside with her dad. No bad weather ever came. Robby, having the day off today, spent time with Hazel in the park. And I spent time nursing my cold.

As I was cooking dinner, I noticed the single milk box full of dirt and grass that was sent home from school for Gracie to grow and cut. She was prancing around outside so I took the carton of grass out to her with her safety scissors. I suggested she cut the grass in the carton and pointed out there was grass all around her that she could cut, too. That kept her busy for a little while.

I'm loving this Arizona weather right now. Don't you want to play with us while the weather is still good?

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