Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Like That

The past few days have obviously been more than a little turbulent for me. It hasn't really been a walk in the park for Robby, either. The poor guy tried to be as understanding as possible about something he admittedly cannot possibly fathom. But his patience and love helped sustain me through the darkness.

This morning, for no reason at all, my thinking is starting to clear up. I don't feel the extreme, inexplicable hopelessness that has plagued me for the past few days. I feel optimistic about nothing in particular. And, most importantly, I survived the onslaught without making any seriously regrettable decisions.

Thank goodness for my loving and wonderful family. Now, I'm going to research my symptoms and see if I can get a better idea of what it is I'm actually battling. I know I have depression, but I don't have all the typical bipolar symptoms. With any luck, I will find out exactly what it is I'm dealing with and how to treat it so I don't have another episode like that.


Tina said...

Hallelujah! So glad there's some light for you! Glad, too, that you have Robby... He is awesome, if I do say so myself!! :)

Lyndsay said...

I was SO happy to read you woke up with optimism! It made me optimistic, too.

KatieJ said...

Great picture- hang on tight to Robby- no one loves you more than him and your parents, I think if you keep being open and honest with them like you have been, they'll help you get through it all!