Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speaking of Dance

These are my pointe shoes from my very first pair to my most recent. Today, I was thinking of organizing my disaster of a closet when I ran across my old ballet bag that I didn't know had every single pair of pointe shoes I've ever used.

These shoes represent so many years of hard work. It's been so long since I've seen them that it hardly feels like they were ever actually a part of my life. But the tattered satin doesn't lie and brings back so many memories from all those years of training.

I knew I would never be a prima ballerina from the first time I got tendonitis in my ankle. It was even more obvious when I started having trouble with my knee. After I moved to from Washington to Utah when I was 15, I gave up the dream altogether.

In college, after I switched my major from automotive to dance (intending to be a ballet instructor), I wrote a paper on the differences between ballet as a profession and contemporary dance as a profession. I learned that most ballerinas retire at about 30, then need hip replacements by 40; not to mention requiring the perfect body proportions to succeed in any company.

While I'm disappointed I could not dedicate my life to dance, I know that there is always time in the future to pursue teaching, which I someday hope to do. I'm also very grateful for the life I'm living now and my wonderful eternal family.

But I still love looking at a beautiful pair of pointe shoes.


Abbie said...

"the tattered satin doesn't lie" - such a great line! also, that picture is awesome.

stephanie said...

i can totally see you being a ballet teacher. it just fits.

those shoes are gorgeous. love you!

Lyndsay said...

This is a beautiful photo!

Emily Ruth said...

But there is still time to cross over to the dark side of modern dance! ; ) You'd be perfect and no hip replacements required!
Love you Mel. (And I always love a picture of well worn point shoes. Perfection)