Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Moments

Henry, Jack and Gracie all having their
bedtime stories read to them
by Gramma Pam.
This picture is so adorable I can hardly stand it.
I love these people.

Memorial Day morning at the breakfast.

Mary and Brady bein all cute.
We are going to miss them when they
move to Virginia in July.
Especially their adorable baby Evee.

Jenna, Gramma Pam, and Erica
tendin Henry, Evee, and Lilly.

Gracie playing with Granpa's phone
and Granpa loving every second of it.

It was an eventful weekend,
including, but not limited to:

Robby and my dad building a regulation size horseshoe pit behind the garage.
All the men pitching in to help dig a hole in the backyard for the "jump"o-line.
My brother, Phil getting a softball to the eye resulting in
a bruised eye and a gash on his cheekbone.
Luckily, my dad is a doctor and he was there to sew up the wound.
Unluckily, he had no numbing agent to use on Phil before
he sewed up the gash right below his eye.
Phil only closed his eyes once and never even flinched.
He's the new Steve Nash.
(Pictures soon.)

Vacation: Success


grandmasmith said...

Thanks for the pics. It was a lot of fun! So glad you were there. Love,

Tiff Moser said...

I am so sad we missed it this year. There will always be a gray cloud associated with the year 2010......the year I missed MDB. Jk Looks like it was tons o'fun like always.

hillary said...

Love the pics. Thanks for posting them, sis