Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summing Up the School Year

Gracie's Journal:

My favorite thing to do at school is . . . . "play in the rainbow rice."

My teddy and I like to . . . . "sing a 'Hugga Hugga, Give me a squeeze.' "

If I had a pet dinosaur I would . . . . "play cars. The dinosaur wants to stay home. The dinosaur is big and he wants to color."

I'm afraid of . . . . "monsters and ghosts are in my house."

My scary story is . . . . "the ghost is going zoom by me."

My favorite family tradition . . . . "we give presents to the Christmas tree."

My favorite part of winter break was . . . . "Santa come to my Grandma's house. Got me a lot a presents."

I can help others by . . . . "I can help with my dog and get him in the gate."

My friend, Izzy and I like to . . . . "eat cookies and he loves Valentine's day."

If I went to Africa I would . . . . (Gracie drew on the table and refused to answer the question that day. She gets that from Robby.)

During spring break I . . . . "went to see Sleeping Beauty at the pink castle."

I wish I had a pet . . . . "horse that is really pink and has a heart nose. I can ride on it. I really love it."

If I was an Astronaut I would . . . . "ride in small rocket ship and Daddy would ride in the big one. My mom really loves to go to outer space."

If an alien came to my house I would . . . . "play a dance game with him on the tv."

I like to live in the desert because . . . . "this is me riding a pink unicorn. And coyotes are very sneaky."

If I was a fish in the ocean I would . . . . "ride on a rainbow fish. He loves hide and go seek."

I'd say the year was a success!


Miss Stace said...

Those are such cute answers. She is adorable.

Lyndsay said...

And coyotes are very sneaky!!! HA! That is the perfect description of a coyote.

Natalie said...

It was fun to see you at the MDB. Gracie is SO cute. She has the sweetest smile. What a fun little girl!