Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bring On the Arizonan Summer

We returned from our family reunion on Tuesday to a lovely surprise.
After a year of jiggling a wire to start the A/C in the house,
our 14 year old unit finally died on us.
So we were welcomed home to a 92 degree hot box.

Luckily the A/C guys we use are fast and good
and it only took about three days to get a
completely new unit installed.
To keep our sanity,
we employed countless fans and
several spray bottles in attempt to keep up cool.

Now we have an efficient new unit
and a blissfully controlled climate in our home.
Luckily, the weather stayed around 100 until we got the new unit.
Today should be 109 and it will only get higher from there
so that means a lot of lounging in our little pool
in our little backyard,
and many visits to various swimming pools.

There is no better way to start an Arizonan summer
than with brand new air conditioning.


Tina said...


aj said...

oh my goodness! she is so cute.
happy summer!

Miss Stace said...

That picture of her face is just adorable!!