Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Important Painting

There are a total of seven hanging pictures in our entire home. Three Robby attained for free to fill the empty space in the guest room and the space above the organ downstairs. They're all pretty random and don't match anything I could even conjure up in my imagination, but hey, they were free. The other four pictures I chose and hung myself which have special meaning to me but are not at all placed in a way that is pleasing to the eye. It really doesn't matter to me, I just want the pictures up on the walls for my own daily reminders. I've always wanted something special and significant in my home that would bring a warm and inviting presence, I just never knew what it was I was hoping to find.

I learned early in my courtship with Robby about his Grandpa Byron. On all accounts he was a great man and I've always been so sad that I was never able to meet him. Aside from being a brilliant, active and beneficial member of his community, Byron also painted. After seeing one of his paintings in Robby's Grandma's house, I knew immediately how rare and significant paintings like his are. Handmade family heirlooms are the exact type of thing that help bring warmth and comfort into a home and I was in love with his paintings.

I found out that Robby had a painting of Byron's at one point in his life but somehow lost track of  it. Yesterday it turned up and we were given the beautiful painting of the Arizonan desert pictured above. We found the perfect spot and Robby hung it for me last night.

As I sat at our kitchen table and looked up, I saw the finished product hanging on the wall in perfect view and I cried. This painting is probably the most important thing we have in our home. The man who painted it is the loved and respected patriarch of Robby's amazing family. Having it means more to me than I could ever say and I feel so blessed to have it in my home as a reminder of the good man who painted it.


Tina said... Awesome! So glad you have it!!

Karen said...

Thanks for loving it as much as me. That painting brings me WAY back!