Friday, June 25, 2010

Snowy Picture for a Sunny Day

This is the house where I grew up,
located in St. John, WA.
I love this house.

A series of circumstances has made it possible
for Gracie and I to travel through this little town
on our adventure next week.
My best friend Amy currently resides there
and we are going to make a special trip to visit her
since it's been three years since we've seen her.

We will be traveling all over the great
pacific northwest for meetings with friends,
 family reunions, and a little sight seeing.

I have a whole list of places to take Gracie
and reminisce with Amy.
It's going to be a great trip.


stephanie said...

What a great house. It looks like a dream. Have a fun trip!

aj said...

Oh my goodness! It's SO picture it should be on the cover of a magazine or something.

crazy lady said...

I have some very f0;0ond memories from shared time in that home. :0)
Have a fun/safe trip.

Bronson Clan said...

I love this house. I think when I was little it was my favorite house in the world. Good memories...

=)Larissa said...

I miss this house! Hey, I am actually going to WA this next week too!!! How long are you going to be there and where!!??? I would LOVE to see y'alls faces!!! let me know @!

Mrs. Bennett said...

So pretty! That is a dream home.