Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stranger Danger Advice

We stopped in Page, AZ for a night on our way home from Utah to make the trip a little more spread out. We didn't stay anywhere fancy but it was our first experience together in a hotel room as a family, when Gracie could appreciate it. She called it our house and loved trying to explain to strangers about her new house.

Gracie is 4 1/2 and very chatty. Thanks to speech therapy she is speaking in full sentences and is so excited about it that she wants to share her happy feelings with everyone she sees. She likes to run up to strangers and say, "Hi! What's your name?" (Insert startled response.) "Oh. That's a great name." It's causing me a little bit of anxiety because she is so stinkin fast I lose track of her all the time.

So I got a book about Strangers and the Berenstain Bears which I thought was going to really help her understand. She never can quite sit through the entire book so I'm not sure what she is grasping and what she isn't. But one thing is for sure: she is a happy little girl who flys by the seat of her pants and she wants to make everyone around her happy, too.

Does anyone else have an overly-friendly child? How do you deal with it and what do you say to the child to make them understand but not make them scared of everyone at the same time?


Becky said...

Garrett is the king of talking to strangers. His favorite is asking anyone with gray hair if they are a Grandma/Grandpa. Or talking to someone of a different ethnicity in Spanish, even if they are Asian. "Hola! I know you don't speak English."
I always want to die.
I hear they grow out of it, but as he is 7 years old, you still have a few years...
Good luck!

Riki Lee said...

Our daughter is fearless when it comes to strangers, but she's not even 2 yet so we don't have the same problem...yet. I am interested to see what comments you get to prepare me for the future if she keeps being over-friendly to everyone.

wendysue said...

My niece was a big talker and super social (maybe over social?). . .anyway, when talking about strangers with her my sister always said, "When Mommy is there you can talk to ANYONE, but when Mommy's not, you can't. . .just come find me first!"

It seemed to work well for her.

Tina said...

She is totally delightful!!! You can't help but smile when she's around!

Lyndsay said...

Both. Very friendly. And Maya bolted from the Library today in 2 seconds flat. She was out the door and I was chasing after her. Everyone just watched her leave. Hello! Grab that 15 monther!

And Finn goes up to ANYONE and comments on their skin color, size of their breasts, and whether or not they have a "baby in their tummy." Uh huh.

PS: I'm in Mesa all next week! :)

Sadie said...

Hey Mel, Wish I could have visited with you more at the reunion. I was busy chasing my munchkins the whole time. Ha!
We had a FHE on strangers when my kids went through that stage. Eddie dressed up with a hat, a moustache, a big coat, and some sunglasses. Then we pretended that he was a stranger and went over our rules about strangers. When he first walks in the room he says, "Hi, I'm Mr. Peanut Butter (or something funny) What's your name?" Then he'll ask the kids questions that they aren't supposed to give answers to, but of course they forget, so it's good learning experience. I act like one of the kids and prompt the right answers. Mostly using the, "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers". The kids loved it, and there are a lot of different ways to play it out. We do it every once in awhile to remind them. I dress up too. ;)