Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lost Yorkie

My friend found this little girl Yorkie in Mesa, AZ this evening.
If anyone knows anything about a lost Yorkshire Terrier in this area,
please contact me:

I'm taking her to the vet to check for a microchip tomorrow.
Until then, she's the sweetest little dog we've ever had.


Tina said...

AGH!!! That is nmy favorite kind of dog.... she is adorable!!! Enjoy her for me while you can!!!! xox

Abbie said...

If neither of you adopt her, I will. She looks so sweet.

Amy Legler said...

I'm with Abbie. I would love to adopt her if she's not found by her owners. Ok, so I really can't adopt her, but I would love to. She's so cute, and I want a Yorkie so badly!

melmck said...

If we don't find the owner we are probably going to keep her. She's so precious.

KatieJ said...

Wow she is a cute little thing! You could try a post on Craigs list- we lost a dog once and it was found that way. Hope you guys are all doing well!