Monday, July 12, 2010

This Poor Old House

So I made it back to my beautiful childhood home
and found it in this condition: 

we're walking left . .

and walking left . . .

and walking left to the last side of the house.

This cozy Victorian home was built in 1906. It's a timeless treasure. Now it's almost completely ruined. Are we all looking at the same house? It's yellow on top and while on the bottom. Plus a whole new quarter addition on the top half of the third picture.

That used to be a balcony. When my mom woke up to our house on fire, she went through the bedroom window, crawled out along with all the smoke, and somehow waved down help. It took about 6 months of us living in someone else's house for the entire inside of the house to be redone because the smoke damage was so bad. I didn't like it then, but at least it still looked the same on the outside.

Anyway, those are my main complaints. The inside is too much to share and pretty upsetting. The living room is actually painted orange. That's all well and good for a new house, but not a 104 year old Victorian home. I'm gonna be grrrrrring for a while over this.

Seriously, yellow and white?! I'll never understand it.


Tina said...

I LOVE THAT HOUSE!!! ...of course, I have no memories of what it use to be to compare it with. I love that style... usually they have such a fun floor plan...

Ottesen said...

I just drove by Grandma Lyman's home in Rexburg and had some of the same feelings. It looks nice for the most part. I DID NOT want to see inside because I want to remember the house exactly as Grandma had it.

=)Larissa said...

Everytime I am in St. John I drive passed the old "Holmes" house and it brings back so many memories. PLUS, I do love the framework and look - but you're right, the colors are....not the best. I miss all the beautiful white on the inside too!!! Gosh, I loved that front room with the beautiful white couches and huge grand piano. Oh Mel.

hillary said...

yeah I think we just prefer it to look how we remember it because of all the memories we have. here's some pics i took when we visited back in 05 when so many changes hadn't been made yet. some are in black n white so you can't see the yellow. thought you'd appreciate these as they look more like what we remember