Thursday, July 8, 2010

WA Vacation: Post 1

Here are Amy and I reliving the old glory days of teeter tottering
at the park of my childhood in wonderful St. John.

Gracie goin for it on the slide.

The infamous duck, pig, and horses quad. It will live forever.

Gracie and I spent three relaxing days with the Kolb family, the second family of my childhood, exactly one short block away from my childhood home. Gracie played with Amy's two younger siblings, Callie and Kaleb. They are the sweetest kids and Gracie still talks about wanting to go to Callie's house. It was so great to let Gracie have the freedom of running around St. John that I had as a child.

Amy and I got to catch up and walk around our good old home town. I also got to meet her "basically fiance" over Skype. Nelson lives in Argentina and Amy is on her way to meet his family down there and spend two weeks with this sweet guy who adores her. It is so great.

It was really hard to leave. I considered bailing on the family reunion just to spend more time with them. But it was a completely blissful three days that I hope to be able to spend with them again. I'm pretty sure I will be seeing them all soon, anyway, as I've never seen Amy as happy as she is with Nelson.

June 29 : Flew to Puyallup and stayed with my Aunt Debbie.
June 30 : Rented a car and drove 5 hours across Washington state to St. John to stay with the Kolbs.
July 1 : Stayed in St. John.
July 2 : Left St. John to meet my family in Spokane to start the Holmes Family Reunion.

5 more days . . .

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hillary said...

i can't believe those animal bouncy things are still holding strong there! this is bringing back memories! same teeter-totters too. wow. love these pics. and love that amy was there with you. love her too. so great.