Friday, July 9, 2010

WA Vacation: Post 2

Uncle Phil lightin some fireworks for Henry, Gracie and Jack
at the family reunion in Camp Gifford.

Gracie playin bball and jumpin through hoops with Uncle Brady.

Granpa prepping Gracie for her first paddle boat experience.

Gramma, Gracie and Granpa paddlin their way around Deer Lake.

Phil, Mary, Jack, and Henry settin sail.

The family reunion was a success and included:
Many an illegal firework
Fully catered meals
Family games including bunco
Catching up with the old crew
Meetin all the new babies toddlin around

It was a lot of fun.

July 2 : Start of reunion
July 3 : Family Games/Fireworks
July 4 : Family goodbyes.
Other goodies to post about comin right up.

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hillary said...

i'm so sad to have missed this! looks like such great times! and what a lovely setting. lets plan our own family reunion please. love and miss you guys.