Saturday, September 25, 2010


This was the last time my entire family was all together. Now we are scattered in the wind without knowledge of when we will all be together again.

Hill & Casey: New York

Mary & Brady: Virginia

Phil & Jenna (who's pregnant with another boy!): Utah

Mel & Robby: Arizona

I remember when I would ruin Hill's Lego castles on purpose just to make her cry, when I would antagonize Phil just because I could, and when I'd refuse to let Mary play with me and my friends. Now we are all grown up trying to figure out how to manage homes and raise children of our own.

They are the reason I wish Gracie had siblings of her own. And my parents are the reason I love them so much. I'm really missing everyone today.


Tina McKinnon said...

Great picture! I remember the family picture you guys had when there were not yet any grandkids! All the smiling faces of those who didn't know the 'abundance' smile! NOW, what a happy, blessed bunch of smiles!
Congrats to Phil & Jenna! What, no twins this time??!! :)

Jenna said...

I am missing you, too. I cried a little bit after I got off the phone with mom when they were leaving for Arizona. I am so envious. You're not THAT far away, don't you think we could arrange something in the near future? I'm thinking of a trip to AZ...Thanksgiving at your house? ;)

Tina - NO twins this time! I think we'll have our hands full as it is.

Jim and Jami said...

GreatPicture!!!!!! I am trying to update 2 months of stuff to our blog, maybe by the end of the month!! Btw Jake deploys again next year.....

hillary said...

Love this. Thinking of you, too. Thinking of everyone and feeling a little scattered like the wind generally. :) Definitely feeling too far from you guys out west and anxious to see you. Lots of love to you! (I forgot about the lego castles :))