Friday, October 8, 2010

Definitely Related

These two worked side by side all day long.
Robby, working diligently away in the garage,
allowed his daughter to work with him
giving her small tasks to complete.
She attended to his needs as strictly
as her ADD would allow
(because let's face it, she has the attention span
of a hummingbird; but you'll be pleased
to know that I don't plan to medicate her)
and the two of them have achieved all of
their projects with nary a hitch.

This whole event melts my heart
because I used to work with my dad
in the garage all the time when I was growing up.
That was where my love for cars began.
So I'm all emotional today about this bonding experience.
I just love it.

The faces for the pictures were all Gracie's idea.
Can you guess which faces they are making?
It's pretty tough. :)


Robin said...

happy. silly. sad. mad.

melmck said...


KatieJ said...

So cute! My kids love nothing more than "working" with Dad too!

Jami said...

I wonder if Gracie will change her own oil someday too! Those pictures are awesome.