Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Shenanigans

Gracie as Tinkerbell

Rob as a Redneck 

 Mel (with adorable baby, Elliot) as Rob's Lady Friend

Be honest, we look classy.
And did you notice Robby's real-life mullet?
It's not much, but it's real.

We spent our evening at
Coco's 1st birthday party
with her lovely parents
We had a great time.


Natalie said...

Love, LOVE your make up. :)

crazy lady said...

To say that you nailed the look would be an understatement...
You are PROS at the dressup thing.
Looks like fun :0)

Brandy and Robert said...

It's almost a bit scary how good you too look! Awesome job!

Karyn said...

Ditto Brandy! ha ha you guys are awesome!

stephanie said...

totally classy. my favorite was your ankle sock/pumps combo. and your eye makeup.

it was good to see you guys! it's been too long.

Leigh Anna said...

you. are. hot.

Lyndsay said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!!! I am laughing out loud. Oh I love it. I always look forward to your Halloween posts, "Lady Friend."

hillary said...

wow. fantastic. i was hopin' for somethin good here and i got it. i love you guys. and gracie's darling