Monday, November 22, 2010


Gracie's school and home artwork is becoming increasingly cumbersome and while I love it all, I have nowhere to store every piece and I feel guilty about throwing any of it away. So I present it here to you today, to live on the blog for eternity. Picture 1: Her Mama (She tells me to hold very still while she paints me.) Picture 2: Also Her Mama (That one was kinda done on the fly.) Picture 3: Her Dad (She loves that guy.)

Any ideas for how to pick and choose from papers she brings home and how to store them conveniently?

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Lauren said...

Aaron's mom has almost every single he ever did from preschool to high school. Well maybe not ever single thing, but he has 6 three inch 3 ring binders full of his stuff. It's a great idea and I am doing it for my kids now. She uses those plastic protector sheets to put everything in. Then puts in a binder with a date written right on the page protector. It is so fun to have and look through and laugh at his stories from first grade, etc. She said then as you have time you can take out what you want and scrapbook it all cute if you want. She had 8 kids so all of hers are still in page protectors in 3 ring binders, but it works.