Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meeting Santa

Every Christmas, Robby's thoughtful family members arrange for a Santa to come visit and pass out full stockings with their names on them. Remember this year? Last night was even better than the last time because Gracie really "gets it" this year. She takes the "Santa is watching" threat very seriously. I honestly don't know how we will discipline her when the season is over.

Thank you Aunt Pauline & Uncle Pat, and Karen & Gary. You know how to kick the season off right!

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Laura said...

How did you get the real santa to come to your family? I have to agree with you on helping kids behave. Lilly came home from school with a check list of things she could do every day to be on the nice list. She then will leave it next to the milk and cookies on Christmas eve. It works like a charm.