Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kidney Stones

This poor guy has been battling one seriously vicious kidney stone since Thursday morning. He's dealt with everything in the book, from nausea to dizziness to the worst pain ever. It's the saddest thing to watch him go through this whole ordeal with no sign of when the pain might let up.

Meanwhile, Gracie caught a random case of what she calls "The Fevers" on Friday night. Luckily that has passed and now she's only dealing with the sniffles. But she is honestly the happiest sick person I have ever seen in my life. She has built a fort in our piano room which she calls her house and all her dolls and animals have parts to play in the house she's built. She likes to draw pictures of Robby doing things and the best one was when he had to fix one of her little guys while in pain on the floor, so she drew him kneeling on the floor.

We are hoping for relief soon but who really knows when this will all stop. Until then, I'll be here nursing the troops back to health.

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grandmasmith said...

I'm so sorry. Grandpa Smith had his trials with kidney stones and they were no fun!