Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backyard Camp Out

 Remember this camping trip?

Now that we have a backyard, we decided we were ready to try out a backyard camp out. It was inspired by great weather and a get-together with Robby's scouts around a campfire last night. Plus, Robby didn't have to work today so we thought we would take advantage.

Gracie was beyond excited. She packed her backpack full of her nightly accessories: her pink blanket and her giraffe. Despite our best efforts, the whole things turned into a bit of a disaster. It really is not comfortable to sleep on the ground and Gracie's inability to hold still while she's awake for any amount of time did not help things one bit.

It took about an hour of cajoling, snuggling and singing primary songs to finally get Gracie to sleep. Then Robby and I didn't so much sleep as lay awake and readjust positions for a few hours. By 1am, Gracie was freezing and Robby and I both had to use the facilities so we decided to head on in to our own beds.

I'd say we gave it the old college try and now we know almost exactly what it will be like if we ever do all go camping together. And since Gracie loved it, I think we will keep the tent up for a few more days for her sake.

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stephanie said...

I like the carpet path out the tent. You know what I don't like? Camping. :)