Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Fancy Dress

I was extremely fortunate to win a giveaway
over on my good friend Reachel's fashion blog.
This is the Sunday Best dress from Downeast,
helpfully complimenting my awkward figure
with an empire waist, as per Reachel's guidance.

Get over to her blog,
pick your body type on the side bar,
and start dressing accordingly.
My confidence has increased
threefold thanks to Cardigan Empire.


grandmasmith said...

If you have an awkward figure, what in the world would they call mine! Love and miss you! G

KatieJ said...

Hey we can be twins- I got the same dress for my Easter Dress! :) Yours fits cuter though, I have to do some surgery on the shoulders to make it fit me right! Congrats on winning though, that is awesome!

Lauren said...

That looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks very nice on you Mel. Enjoy your Easter. Deb Hooper

Tina McKinnon said...

Love that dress!