Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gus' Story Now

I've retold Gus' story from my point of view now
Hop on over.


Jami said...

Wow Mel, that was beautifully written! Your story touches me more now that I am finally a mother and I bawled through the whole thing. You are so strong and awesome to come out of that so positive. Can't wait to see you pregnant when we move to AZ in the fall!

Lyndsay said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Mel!! Love you!

Jill said...

I hesitate to tell you this but having a newborn has kept you and Gus (and Stacie and Janie) on my mind. When Gavin was 5 weeks, I thought specifically about you guys (and mentioned to Brad) that's how old Gus was when you lost him. And again at 8 weeks for Stacie and Janie.

hugs to you