Thursday, June 9, 2011


In stake conference on Sunday, our stake president mentioned putting up a picture of the temple in our children's rooms. So tonight I went out in search of one of the Mesa Arizona Temple as the only one we have in our house is the Provo Utah Temple, where Robby and I were sealed, and that baby belongs where I can see it daily.

Anyway, amongst my perusing, I came across this picture of Christ. I almost cried. It's got to be the best depiction of His love for us that I've ever seen and I could feel that the moment I saw it. It's always been so hard for me to actually express my love for my church and what it is exactly that makes me a strong and dedicated member. Now I realize the answer is fairly simple: it's Christ. He has been there for me more times than I can count. The most prominent time was when Robby and I were flying to San Diego to see Gus after he died. I felt the Savior's presence and love for us the entire trip. It felt so much as if He was hanging His head as he sat next to us, saying, "This is so hard. I know exactly how this feels. I'm so sorry." I cannot tell you the comfort He brought me.

Somehow. this painting perfectly depicts how I felt Christ was at that particular moment in my life, and how He is in all the trials of our lives that seem impossible to overcome. He loves us so much and can't wait to hold us in His arms to tell us everything is going to be alright.


One of the greatest human needs is a sense of security.
In all aspects of life, we naturally gravitate towards anything that
makes us feel safe. In this piece, I wanted to convey a sense of
complete peace and calm like only the Savior can provide.
It's a security that allows us to rest assured, without fear or worry,
when we put ourselves trustingly in His arms.
Little children have that inherent kind of trust in their parents,
so it's fitting that the man and girl who modeled for "Security"
are actually father and daughter.
They generated the exact feel I was looking for.

- David Bowman


Lauren said...

I love this. Every word. And I want to order this picture for my girls room now.

Tina McKinnon said...

Very well said... and Amen to it all. xox