Friday, August 19, 2011

22 Weeks & Gracie

Well, Gracie's first week of school has been a tough one. She was sent to the Principal's office yesterday for hiding in the bathroom, disrupting the classroom and refusing to do her work earlier this week. I cried for about an hour after the principal called me. I had NO idea what to do.

Gracie has an extremely intimidating personality and I've learned how to manage her, but if anyone ever tries to straight up control her, it never works. She's not a conformist and she does not understand why she has to be. I can explain to her why she needs to learn and why she needs to sit still but if she doesn't see the immediate need for it, it's just not going to happen.

As she gets older and her understanding of the world expands, Robby and I have both had lots of conversations with her about why she shouldn't hug strangers, why she can't dance around during church and why she can't talk/sing/hum when other people are talking. I know she's still just a 5 year old, but she's a 5 year old packed with a personality bigger than my realm of understanding. I never knew a child could be so harmless yet cause so much trouble. She just has such an overwhelming love for the world, she feels like she needs to share it and help other people feel the same way.

She also has the most amazing and sensitive spirit. When I cry, she's by my side, hugging me and telling me not to be sad about Gus because Gus lives in heaven. She's such a powerful little person and I just hope I can find some way to channel all her goodness. Until then, we're just gonna be doin the best we can over here.


Robin said...

I'm sorry Mel. she is a wonderful girl and we love her, but I know what you mean and I hope things will get better. Love you guys.

Tiff Moser said...

Coming right along with the pregoness Mel! Your tummy is so cute! Good luck with the trials of parenting the "strong willed". It's awesome! :-)