Friday, August 12, 2011

Updates and Such

Apparently, Robby and Gracie are allowed to play on his phone
when I'm playing the organ in Sacrament meeting
and can't come down to man the troops.
It's ok. They're cute.

As far as Gracie first three days of school went:
Her teacher called me to tell me that
she talks a lot in class, even when asked to stop.
It's not very surprising,
considering she's the exact same way at home,
and no amount of asking or begging
will keep her from saying what's on her mind.
So I had no idea what to tell her poor teacher.
Luckily, Kindergarten teachers are made with
extra patience for 5 year olds,
and anyone who meets Gracie loves her.
But it's going to be quite the transition.

As for me, I'm getting all kinds of chores done
and naps in, for the most part.
My contractions started up pretty intense and regular
this week, so I've had to take it easy.
Which also means I haven't been to the gym in a week
and I'm going crazy.
And I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like
as the contractions tend to keep me up at night.

The interesting thing to me about the contractions
during this pregnancy is that I really don't mind them too much.
I'm happy to be pregnant and willing to do what
I need to to keep housing my little sweet P as long as she needs.
It's nice to be more grown up during this pregnancy.
It really helps me remain more calm in stressful situations.
Thank goodness for trials, growth and necessary maturity.

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Lauren said...

I can't imagine what it will be like to have a child in Kindergarten! I am sure it will be here before I know it... I'm sure it's bittersweet. And I'm glad the contractions aren't bothering you as much this go around.