Friday, September 2, 2011

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: I think I bought one dress since my last update, but, alas, no shirts. I need shirts, for sure.

Best Moment This Week: I went to the temple on Tuesday and had a lot of time to think about my Sweet Pea with her brother Gus. I started feeling guilty for separating them, but realized that to make sure she stays in our family forever, I have to bring her to this earth. I love knowing families are forever. And Robby reminded me that when we all see Gus again, it will be as if we'd never left him.

Movement: She's a regular acrobat these days. Robby is feeling her more and more, which makes it more exciting for both of us. Gracie still puts her hand on my tummy for about 2 seconds then freaks out that she's actually gonna feel something, so for her I put my iPod on my tummy where Sweet Pea is kicking and let Gracie watch. She laughs like crazy.

Food Cravings: I guess this week would be Mexican food. I've made Taco Pizza at least twice and am gonna make Taco Soup tonight.

What I Miss: I really miss sitting up in bed or getting up from a chair and not grunting. Sweet Pea is really starting to interfere with my daily life. It's ok, I still love her.

Sleep: I'm still not sleeping very well. Luckily, with Gracie at school all day, I have ample opportunity for naps during the day and I strive for at least one. The problem, for me, with going to bed super early is that I wake up at like midnight and can't get back to sleep. Then, when I finally do, I wake back up at 3 or 4 and it takes at least an hour. So my nights are pretty choppy. What I am grateful for is that it's me waking myself up instead of Gracie. She sleeps through the night, no problem. Such a good girl.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Playing with Sweet Pea. I was so focused on the stresses and anxieties of a new baby that I forgot how cute they are. Especially my babies. :)

Symptoms: Regular contractions and headaches. Try as I might, I can't get rid of either. Lame.

Generally: Doin good!


Tina McKinnon said...

I can't believe how slim and trim you still are!! Yeah, sure... a baby bumb to be sure, but you look great! Good job!

Claytie and Suzie said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy learning your skills for managing your depression. Your tips help me out a lot, I think I'll try the two things a day trick. I hate that feeling ... when you realize you have been not yourself lately. For me it's annoying because I don't know why, and I try to explain it (to myself mainly) when most of the time there is no good explanation. I need to move past the explaining it and just deal with it like you have and do.