Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Goings-On

My contractions started getting pretty intense over the weekend so I saw my doctor and he's put me on modified bed rest, where I still need to be down most of the day but I can still do little things. It's actually helped a lot already.

So while that's been going on this week, Robby has been amazing. He's been close by on a couple of his last jobs of the day so he's been able to pick up Gracie when she gets home from school and take her to work with him until he's done. I guess she does great and he's able to get a lot done because he doesn't feel like he needs to rush home as fast when 50% of his reason for rushing is with him already. And it has made this week so much easier for me.

I'm trying to stay as positive as possible about everything and not get discouraged. It's so easy for me to let my mind wander and stress over things when I'm not as busy doing things around the house, so I'm just trying not to get sucked in.

I start my third trimester tomorrow. Let's hope Sweet Pea stays in for at least another 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, Gracie's new medication has been amazing for her. Not a single note home since she's started it and that is really saying something. She is so proud of herself and it makes me so happy to know she's not so discouraged. We say a prayer every day before school and she really takes it seriously. When I pick her up and she's done well that day, she says, "Mom! The pay-er worked! Jesus just helped me!" She knows she's on the medication, too, but I love that she associates it with prayers.

I'm pretty overwhelmed with how well she has done the past few days. She's getting so big and responsible. But she still lets me kiss her and tuck her in at night. I feel like I need to readjust my thinking so she's not just my little baby Gracie anymore, but that she's capable and confident and can make the right decisions, the only way a 5 year old can.

I also feel like I owe most of the credit to Robby. I wish you could all see how he is with her. It's such a sweet and loving relationship and they have so much fun together. When she comes home from spending time with him, she always has a joke to tell me that was funny in the car on Country Club & the 60, but evolved into some crazy version of nonsense that only they understand. It's amazing. She's a lucky girl and I'm a lucky wife. He's such a good man and makes the stresses of life not so stressful.


Tina McKinnon said...

You have extremely good taste in men!! :)

And Gracie... well, there are no words to describe her adequately. But feebly said, SHE IS AMAZING!!

Lauren said...

:) loved this. Sorry about the bed rest. I always think that sounds so appealing when I'm SO exhausted from running around all day... and then I think I'd probably go bonkers after a week or so. I'll try to keep on our words game

grandmasmith said...

So proud of you. You are doing great! Tell Robby thanks for being such a great guy and tell Gracie how much Grandma Great Smith loves her and that I am proud of her, too. You are all in my prayers and you and baby are on the Provo Temple prayer list. Love and kisses to all of you.