Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Built-In Breakfast Nook

That's what Robby is lovingly calling my tummy.

Just as a quick update:
Gracie is doing SO much better in school.
Her principal even called me to see how she was doing
  because he hadn't seen her for a whole week!
It was a great conversation.

And I'm actually on-target with my weight gain this pregnancy.
I feel dumb saying anything but I'm pretty proud of the fact
that my doctor was so proud of the fact
that I didn't gain any weight from August to September.
Granted, the depression had a lot to do with that,
but it was still a nice little boost to get such high praise
and overall happiness with my numbers at my appointment.

I think I'm coming out of the depression slump.
My good friend, Shauntel, brought me a book about
depression in women from an LDS perspective called

It is completely different from any other
self-help book I've read before and I love
the stories from women who deal with
the same things I do, along with similar spiritual issues.
I've never found that in a book and I've always
been left wondering, "Ok, but what if I feel like my prayers
aren't doing anything and I feel like I have no real
spiritual connection to my Heavenly Father?"
This answers that question for me.

Anyway, that's the report for now.
As a whole, our family is doing better.


shauntel said...

So glad you are liking the book.

grandmasmith said...

Love you! Thanks for posting.

Bronson Clan said...

We're so excited for you and the new little one coming Mel. We think of you often. Love ya!

Captain and First Officer said...

Melanie, so glad things are going better. I understand so well the stinking fog of depression.

Glad Gracie has been doing better in school as well.

Thanks for posting about the book--I just downloaded it from Deseret Book on my ipad.

Tina McKinnon said...

I love that picture!!! Breakfast nooks are good things! Andrea would always kick off things I placed on my tummy! Lookin' good!