Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Inheritance

So, do you guys remember this picture from this post way back in 2008? Just to keep everyone on the same page, that is our kitty-corner neighbor and their extravagant Christmas decorations they pull out every year. It's always been fun for us to sit on our front lawn at night to watch the little show or just walk over and point out all the little details that are so hard to catch at just a glance.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a For Sale sign in their front yard and immediately was saddened at the thought of not having those decorations out for Christmas this year. Well, tonight, Robby and Gracie went on a walk in the nice weather and while they were gone, our sweet right-next-door neighbor, Gail, who we love and who loves Gracie, came over and informed me that she, too, was moving.

Here is the story Gail gave me: When the kitty-corner neighbors decided to move, they were going to give all their Christmas decorations to Good Will. Gail thought that would be a waste and she thought that she might be able to give some of the decorations to her son or put them to use somehow. This was before she knew she was moving and had to be out of her house by November 1st. Now Gail has this huge hoard of Christmas decorations that she will not move with her. So, naturally, Gail offered all the decorations to us.

My very first thought was, "Do you even understand how much it would cost to run an operation like that?!" I mean, there are all sorts of intricate gadgets that are not pictured above and they are almost all powered by electricity. However, my love for Gail superseded my incredulity at her offer and I said we would absolutely love to have them. We will procure them sometime at the end of this week.

Now, I do not intend to put much of these decorations up, but I think a little festivity would be nice since we are having Christmas here this year. And we plan to sell the decorations we don't want and/or can't afford to power. Three years ago, I never thought we would ever deal with the kitty-corner neighbor's Christmas decorations, but the chain of inheritance has evidently brought us to that point and we are gonna see what we can do to make our house extra pretty in preparation for Sweet Pea this December.


Laura said...

Mel, you don't know how happy this post made me. I drove by their house the other day and saw the for sale sign. I almost cried. It's our favorite house in the neighborhood. Of course I never met them but we love the Christmas house. SO I'm so glad that you have the decor. Yeah I feel like it is a Christmas miracle.

Abbie said...

How fun! I'm always wishing we had something to decorate our front lawn at Christmas, but never want to actually put forth funds to buy anything. Maybe we'll go shopping at your house once you decide what you want to keep.

Tina McKinnon said...

How fun!! What a cool "inheritance"!! Just enjoy having them... and remember, next Christmas you probably won't be pregnant and might wish you'd hung on to things for when you felt more like messing with them...