Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bike Ride

Robby is one of the scout leaders for the 8-9 year olds, aka The Wolves. Every Wednesday at 4pm, he does his duty and sometimes he takes Gracie with him, if she had a good day at school. She absolutely loves it and looks forward to it every week. She talks a lot about how she's gonna be in scouts one day and I don't have the heart to correct her.

This past week was about bike safety and since she'd just learned how to ride a two-wheeler, Robby thought it'd be fun for her to learn all the things they were going to teach that day (I know she doesn't have a helmet, but try as we might, we cannot keep track of that thing). He said she caught on fast and did great and she was so proud of herself. That's all I want is a child with high self-esteem, and thanks to Ritalin, she now knows what that's like.

Switching gears:

I'm 35 weeks now and I've pretty much taken myself off bed rest, for the most part, and done surprisingly well. I do have this thing called pubic symphysis which causes my pubic bone and ligaments around there to ache and sting, not to mention random loss of function of the ligaments connecting the leg to the hip bone which causes the inability to walk. If I don't do a lot of walking or moving about, the pain isn't too bad. But lots of walking and maneuvering will give me hours of pain and spurts of collapsing. Which, in turn, has forced me to use the motorized carts at Walmart, which is mildly embarrassing and moderately inconvenient.

The contractions are manageable, they just hurt more now because of the size of Pearl and my uterus. But laying down almost always calms them so I think I'm good to go there. I have an OB appointment next Wednesday and he is supposed to officially take me off bed rest, so I'm looking forward to that. The only unfortunate thing is that I can't go hog-wild like I intended to because of the pubic symphysis. But to all that I say whatever. It'll happen when it happens. Although the ribs on my right side are telling me the sooner the better, on account of the active kicking Pearl seems to enjoy doing so much. But she is dealing with tight quarters, so I really don't blame her.

Otherwise, the collecting of baby gear is coming along nicely, thanks to craigslist. So if she did come today, I feel like I'd be 60% prepared.

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