Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Works Hard

Robby is the kind of dad that Gracie loves to brag about. According to her, he's funny and they are best friends. I'm the mom-boss because I am always the one who has to stop the fun for bedtime, dinner, etc, but I'm ok with that. I've never really been a play-with-my-kids kind of mom and Robby has made up for that, ten-fold.

This particular day, he'd worked 10 hours, then spent another 3 helping is brother move. He would be home just in time for Gracie to go to bed so he asked me to keep her up just a little later so he could see her. When he got home, he decided to read to her but was so exhausted he let Gracie read to him (which is basically Gracie making up a story for the pictures in the book if she can't read it). He said, "I was just gonna lay down so my back didn't hurt, then the light was in my eyes so I had to close them, then I was out." I don't blame him. He has days like that all the time.

Since I haven't been able to pick up the household slack very much lately, the best I can do for him is provide time and space for him to unwind when he gets home, and foot and back rubs as needed. My word, it's the least I can do for what he does for us all day long.

I'm just so grateful for this hard-working man who loves his family enough to do whatever it takes to provide for them. I never thought I would be so lucky. This past weekend, I had Gracie draw pictures of what she was thankful for and you can bet dad was right near the top. I think it's safe to say he has a home full of devoted and grateful girls who worship him, with another on the way.

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Tia Langston said...

Love this! We are so lucky to have hard working-awesome hubbies!!! And the fact the Gracie is still reading to him while he's asleep is the sweetest!