Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mel O'Lantern

That's my real tummy, ladies and gentlemen.
Robby painted that pumpkin right on there.

After the festivities at Karen's house, 
we went to Robby's grandma's house
where we got the best reaction ever.

This adorable 80-something old lady
took one look at my tummy
and fell back against the wall laughing.
I have never seen her laugh that hard.

Gracie was Princess Aurora
and Robby was dressed regularly
with a paint brush in his ear,
posing as an artist.

Because of my bed rest and
the general distractions of
this time in our lives,
Halloween took a bit of a back seat this year.
We'll try again next year.

1 comment:

Mares said...

That is awesome! Brady and I are very impressed with the paint job. It totally looks professional. Good thing you live in Arizona or you would've been freezing!