Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My 35 Week Glory

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (Just as an FYI: Both of my other children delivered at 37 weeks.)

Maternity Clothes: Robby was cleaning out the garage the other day and we found a box of maternity clothes! Just in time for the last month of my pregnancy. Guh. Don't worry, I'm putting every single piece of clothing I found to use.

Best Moment This Week: Gracie said to me, "Mom, when Pearl gets here, I'm gonna love her so much. But don't worry, I'm still gonna love you just as much." Robby has been saying this to her ever since the beginning and I thought it was adorable that she'd want to reassure me about her love for me.

Movement: Pearl's a regular acrobat. She prefers to kick me on the right side of my ribs and gives no attention to the left side, whatsoever. Robby and Gracie like to watch her stretch and move around in there which is pretty hard to miss when she really gets goin.

Food Cravings: The only cravings I have are to not get heartburn at night. I have to eat dinner super early and make sure I stay sitting up the rest of the night or I'm plagued with burning in my chest, and for some reason, lately, nausea. SO frustrating. I'm just grateful I don't have either tonight.

What I Miss: Going to the grocery store and shopping normally. It's impossible to pull off these days. Robby either goes for me after work or we go together and I take the motorized cart and get the easy stuff while he gets the more complicated produce and what not. We actually make a pretty great team. I do the price matching, he does the hunting and gathering.

Sleep: I'm not gonna sugar coat it. Sleep is bad. If it's not one thing keeping me awake, it's another. Last week there was no keeping me awake for anything and that included 2 naps a day. This week I might as well be hopped up on caffeine for I get no naps and little sleep. The fact that I have to wake up just to roll over and readjust pillows helps not at all, along with the fact that I have the constant urge to pee and have to gauge the amount of time that's gone by to determine whether it's worth getting up for or not. Ah, such is the life.

What I'm Looking Forward To: I cannot wait for Pearl to get here so I can hold and snuggle her. I feel like I still have a lot of residual love left over that I was not able to give to Gus that is resurfacing as the time gets closer and closer. I'm just praying that I will not have post-partum issues to ruin my current excitement of a new baby in the house.

Symptoms: Tomorrow at my doctor's appointment, I fully expect to be taken off bed rest. Even though I've already kind of taken myself off, getting the ok from my doctor will be nice. Since I've been trying to do a little more I have been having more contractions but they always fade. They are just SO uncomfortable because of the sheer size of my uterus. I'm also at the point were just taking a shower makes my feet hurt so I am down a lot of the time. Plus my pubic symphysis pain makes moving around in general awkward and painful.

Overall: I'm still doing everything I can to try and enjoy this pregnancy. If I can avoid any negative feelings about the whole thing, I feel like I'll have a better shot at an easier post-partum recovery. If I catch myself feeling miserable or bad about my situation, I remind myself that at least Pearl is moving, even if it's painful. At least I know she is still alive. And at least my body seems to be doing everything it possibly can keep her safe until she's ready to come out. I just want is a healthy baby that I get to keep this time and a good outlook on life after the delivery.

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Lauren said...

Oh you have all my sympathy! I am pretty sure you are going to have your baby before me! My girls were both born at 41 weeks. I have a feeling this guy won't be any different. Think about you often! Love the updates.