Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No More Training Wheels

About 6 months ago, Robby took the training wheels off Gracie's bike, but also took off the pedals to turn it into a kind of scooter so she could learn balancing. She didn't get a lot of practice over the summer, but Robby made time for her here and there and she did pretty good. Today, since the weather is finally becoming beautiful, he took her to the church parking lot to let her try with the pedals.

As soon as she started, she took off like she'd been doin it her whole life. Robby called me at home and told me to drive over to watch her. She was so great! It's so weird to see our baby girl riding a bike like a big kid, but I guess she's officially passed into big kid territory.


aj said...

She is SO cute. I love her braids & yes, she is totally a big girl!

Captain and First Officer said...

Yay Gracie! Tom took Tommy's off a few weeks back and he did great too. But the little nerd will ride for a minute, stop, and get off and walk it back! Guess they're growing up :(