Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Pearl Got Here

Early Sunday morning, some wicked contractions woke me up at about 5:30. I distracted myself for a while and tried taking a bath but those suckers only got worse. At 7, I went to the hospital and got all checked into triage where they found that I was dilated to 5 cm so I was good to go.

I asked for the epidural as soon as possible and she came right in, got me hooked up to the good stuff and within an hour I was feeling SO much better. It was the perfect epidural where I could still move but felt no pain whatsoever. I never even needed to push the button for extra pain meds.

They turned me on my side and 45 minutes later I was 10 cm and ready to push. Apparently there were no labor rooms available for me so I had to deliver right there in the tiny triage room. It worked out fine but it was pretty close quarters.

I was told to do one practice push and, having almost pushed the baby out, they determined I was ready. One push for the head, one for the body and Pearl was out just like that. It was pretty amazing and could not have gone any smoother. It was absolutely the best delivery experience I've ever had.

We are so glad Pearl got here safe and sound. She's perfect and healthy and I can't stop holding her. As far as the first few days have gone, we've done fairly well. Having a baby around has naturally kept me on my toes and I've thought about Gus here and there and had a few scary moments with Pearl, but overall everything is good.

I was asked by a social worker how I was feeling about the new baby after the loss of my last one and I, being forced to think about it, realized a few things about Pearl's birth. The feelings that have been brought up are not of grief or sadness, but complete joy and happiness at being able to finally fulfill the need for a baby in my arms I've felt for the past 4 1/2 years. Holding her brings me such peace and such a complete feeling, I can't help but hold her all the time and love every minute.

Everything is going well so far and we are all adjusting accordingly. We are all grateful and love our new addition.


Neff Family said...

We call that kind of delivery the princess cruise. Minus the week or so of total agony you went through first, of course. So glad you're doing well!

Tiffany said...

So happy that she is here!And she is beautiful and I LOVE her name! Congratulations to your family!Enjoy the holidays with that precious little one!

Sadie said...

She is gorgeous. Congratulations Mel!