Friday, December 16, 2011

The Latest at 39 Weeks

Well, this past week has been a roller coaster of nonsense. Last Saturday night, I thought my water broke so I went into the hospital. Long story short, it hadn't and my contractions weren't changing me so they sent me home. It was a bummer but totally understandable.

Then, yesterday at my appointment my doctor stripped my membranes and I started having strong consistent contractions that afternoon. I waited until 4 hours after they started and remained consistent and then we went to the hospital again. While I was there, my contractions got stronger and closer together, but my cervix wasn't changing. So, after 2 hours and even though my contractions were 2 minutes apart, they sent me home. It was the worst thing ever. I slept for maybe a full 2 hours last night because the contractions didn't slow down until about 6 am. Before that, I was sleeping between contractions and waking up for the bad ones. Luckily, Gracie had school today so I could catch up on sleep the rest of the morning.

That was by far the most frustrating part of the whole "to go or not to go" hospital situations. So I've decided now that there is no way I'm going into the hospital unless my water breaks or I'm screaming through my contractions.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I talked to my doctor's office today and I'm scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, December 20th at 3:00am. All the medical personnel I've talked to are sure I won't make it that far but I am not going to do anymore to try and naturally induce labor and, in general, I just want to stop thinking every time I have a contraction, "Is this it? This could be it!" I can't take another 4 days of that. So I'm content to deliver on the 20th and not worry about anything until then. I mean, for heavens sake, my hospital bag is more than ready and has already had 2 practice runs to the hospital. So I'm going to let go of the stress and go with the flow. Knowing there is a specific time I'm allowed to go to the hospital to deliver takes such a huge weight off my shoulders.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to hang out with my mom. Despite all the whatnot, we've been having a lot of fun together. It's always awesome when I get to reconnect with my mom after months of not seeing her. Not to mention her immense help around the house and with Gracie. Her support alone has been invaluable and I'm not sure how I would have handled this past week without her.


Miranda Townsend said...

WOW. I know these feelings ALL to well!! I was sent home from the hospital when I was pregnant with Camryn and was so frustred. There is NOTHING more frustrating than knowing when to go to the stupid hospital to have a baby!!!!

aj said...

Ohhh your belly is so cute! I'm so jealous :)
I'm sure you are going to fly through labor & delivery. You're a pro! Good luck!!!

Neff Family said...

You want me to come and smack a few doctors around for you? Or, I have a crochet hook. I mean that's all they use to break your waters. I'll just rinse it off after. No biggie.

Tina McKinnon said...

Oh, wow. I just realized what date Tuesday is. I didn't think about it when you told me earlier it would be Tuesday... Danny has two boys with birthdays the on the20th... funny. Well, our thoughts are with you. I have such mixed feelings. I want this to be over for you, but on the other hand, I want you to wait until we get back to Mesa. I don't want to miss out on the birth! So, whatever... it's a good thing. We can't wait to meet our little Pearl!
Love you guys!